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Awnings, Blinds & Shades

Top quality Markilux, award winning designer awnings with Tip Top Mallorca’s 34 years of experience in this sector gives you the client confidence that every detail will be to the highest level. Our standard shades come from a variety of manufactures only after Tip Top have tried tested the products and have confirmed that the systems give the best value for money. The fabrics are available in many colours and designs from a variety of recognised quality manufacturers with years of knowledge in the industry. Options of Manual or an electric operation by ‘Somfy’ automated systems with remote control and/or wind and light sensors are available.

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High quality awnings from Markilux

Directing the sun, resetting the light and giving shelter from the rain. Awnings by Markilux create a new open space usable throughout all seasons. Materials and fabrics are of the highest quality offering a variety of uses; they are extremely weather resistant, robust and versatile.

Simply - the best quality available – handmade by Markilux.

The manufacturing quality is unique; the installation is exclusively handled by specialist partners. Those who own Markilux will always enjoy it, taking outdoor living to a totally new dimension.

markilux 970

Urban chic for a clean, sleek appearance

This awning exudes urban lifestyle with confidence. The neat and slim appearance of the markilux 970 makes it the ideal model for those who love the simplicity of elegance. This svelte designer awning wraps your patio in comforting light and makes it a stylish place of retreat.

markilux 6000

A designer awning with many faces

A designer awning with many faces – each one more beautiful than the next. Create your own personal and unique model from a wide range of awning frame colours, decorative elements and available accessories. With its remarkable dimensions and technical values, the markilux 6000 makes a lasting impression.

markilux 990

Create a carefree ambience

Small, but impressive! You will be surprised how much technological sophistication there is in this 125mm flat cassette. The compact construction with the U-shaped front profile in which the folding arms and awning cover disappear make this awning best suited for smaller patios and balconies.

markilux MX-3

The awning with both elegant curves and clean lines

If you like shapely curves in combination with a straight forward design, you will love the new MX-3 and you can set the tone yourself when it comes to the colour scheme: fully in line with your own preferences, you can achieve minimal architectural impact or be stylishly distinctive.

markilux 776

Vertical cassette blind

Protection from prying eyes, light and heat are the attributes of the graceful vertical awning markilux 776 / 876. The awning has big plans in mind, as it offers plenty of solar protection, glaring light and prying eyes to glass areas up to 600 cm.

markilux MX-1

Delivering beautiful protection, any time of year.

The “petite” markilux MX-1 with all the technological innovations and with the variety of features typical of markilux. It also o ers you spectacular ambient lighting, brilliant LED options in the front profile as well as every possibility of influencing the colour design.

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